Hungry Man About Town's Top 3 Burgers In London

With it being National Burger Day and given I'm a massive burger fan (!!) I thought I would summarise my favourite places in London for that all important meat sandwich.

If you haven't visited any of the below, I strongly recommend you add these to your list - the perfect places for that weekly 'cheat meal' !

There is a vast array of great burger joints in London, but here are 3 of my absolute favourite:

Dirty Bones

Dirty Bones is one of my favourite restaurants when it comes to comfort food and superbly executed meat dishes.  Having originally launched in Kensington, there are now 4 locations spread across London including Shoreditch, Carnaby and most recently Soho on Denman street.

The menu is very meat focused with some incredibly enticing combinations on offer, but the stand out dish is without doubt The Mac Daddy - a brisket and dry aged steak burger topped with pulled beef short rib, mac n cheese and cayenne & coffee-spiked BBQ sauce. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this burger is immense on every level and is damn photogenic!  The perfect treat to end a tough week at work or fuel a night out on the tiles.

Another highlight and 'must have' is the cheesy truffle fries with cheddar, aged parmesan and white truffle oil - sheer bliss.

Even if burgers aren't your thing, it's worth popping in for a succulent short rib or pulled pork slider.

Honest Burger

If you watch my Instagram stories you won't be surprised on this inclusion.  From the day we moved to the edge of Brixton, Honest Burger became one of our local haunts and since they've opened a branch in Clapham, Josie and I can be found there most Friday evenings!

When it comes to burgers, the guys at HB know their stuff, combining high quality meat and flavour combos with some of the best chips on the market.  It's amazing how many burger joints put all the effort into the burger and drastically let the show down when it comes to the chips!

All in all, you can't go far wrong with any of the burgers on offer at Honest Burger, but my pick is one of their recent specials, The California - French's mustard-fried beef with smoked bacon, double American cheese, caramelised onions, pickles and burger sauce.  Simply one of the tastiest burgers around with a real mustard hit.

All the burgers come with fries included and they are often the star of the show - crisp, rosemary salted sticks of goodness made that much better with a side of chipotle mayonnaise.

If you are yet to break your Honest Burger Virginity, you need to make this place next on your list.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

The Big Easy

The Big Easy is a throwback to old American style diners and crabshacks, with a real focus on BBQ meat and fried shrimp.  Stepping through that door is like stepping back in time and their is a real atmosphere about the place.

For me, the Big Easy Smokehouse Burger is the perfect way to celebrate the end of the week and the ultimate indulgence.  Combining 10oz of freshly ground chuck steak with BBQ sauce, smoked cheddar and fried onions - add some crispy bacon to take it to the next level.

The golden chicken tenders are crisp and succulent, served with a moorish house made honey and mustard dipping sauce, the ideal way to kick things off.  And when it comes to side dishes, the aged mac 'n cheese is an absolute winner, perfectly gooey and crispy on top.

Aside from the above, the Big Easy also have a number of daily specials that are extremely good value.  From 'Shrimp Tuesdays' with unlimited deep fried shrimp to limitless hog roast night, it's well worth checking them out beforehand.

Do you guys agree? What are your 'go-to' burger joints?

Where are your favourite places for 'cheat meals'?


The Finishing Touch To Any Outfit

It's almost a year to the day that I finally accepted I needed to have an eye test and consequently began life as a full-time glasses wearer.  It's safe to say I was a little nervous to start with but quite quickly I decided I actually preferred how I looked wearing specs than without!

When planning any outfit these days I always give thought to the pair of glasses that will work the best, considering the colours and textures of the clothes and specs to compliment each other.

Here are a few of my favourite looks this Summer featuring 3 pairs of glasses from one of my favourite brands, Ollie Quinn.

Pastel Pinks & Chambray:

I've been obsessed with pastels this Summer and it makes a nice change from my go-to navys and greys for Autumn Winter.  This pink tee from Reiss is mottled in design which provides texture to the look and is something a little more visually stimulating than a standard block colour and much more stand out.

The shorts are one of my favourite pieces this season and from a brand I've recently fallen in love with, Club Monaco.  Slim in fit and the perfect above the knee length, the Chambray colour gives more texture to the overall look.  Chambray is not dissimilar to denim but without the thickness in material and much more suited to the Summer months.  

I like pairing these shorts with boat shoes or pale loafers and these bad boys are from Ted Baker.  They are a great addition to any Summer wardrobe, looking good with most shorts and also great when paired with chinos, in particular colourful ones.

For the finishing touch I've chosen arguably my favourite pair of glasses from Ollie Quinn.  These are the Miller design in Whiskey & Champagne, a real statement pair of glasses with a uniquely angled frame.

The clear lower rims tie in nicely with the pastels, giving a softer overall effect than a fully coloured frame.  I find this design is particularly flattering and a great style for those looking to experiment more with statement frames.

Nautical Whites & Blues:

A nautical look for afternoons in the sunshine or by the sea.  I'm loving whites this Summer when paired with vibrant blues or in this instance, turquoise.  

Nothing beats a white polo when you're rocking a tan and this one is once again from the guys over at Reiss.  It's nicely tailored with navy detailing providing a nautical feel and is a great addition to any smart/casual look, whether it's one for the races or for an afternoon out with friends.

The shorts are from Burton Menswear and add some colour to the outfit.  When wearing any white it's important to add colour somewhere and these roll up chino style shorts do exactly that.

Shoes wise I've gone for a classic pair of boaters from the original boat shoe brand, Sperry.  Comfy, smart and ultra versatile, they are a great option for holidays and trips abroad.

To complete the nautical look I've chosen another Miller design from Ollie Quinn, this time in a darker matte for a real statement look.  The matte finish provides an alternative texture and the speckled blue helps pick out the colour from the outfit and bring the whole look together.

A nifty addition to any pair of OQ's is their 'clip on' sunnies.  When I first started wearing glasses I quickly realised that things can get rather challenging when the sun decides to make an appearance.  

The real challenge is remembering to bring your optical sunnies with you to interchange, something I've often forgotten and spent afternoons squinting away!  These clip ons are a fantastic option and transform your glasses into optical sunglasses in seconds. 

Blue On Blue:

If you follow me over on Instagram you know I love a knitted polo! It's the perfect alternative for those smarter occasions when a shirt feels excessive or when the weather means a shirt would be rather uncomfortable.  

This turquoise polo is from Reiss (I think I have a Reiss problem..!) and is a great colour when combined with Chambray shorts for a 'blue on blue' look.

My shoes are a from an independent brand called Marina Isla and are handmade out in Spain.  They are a hybrid between a boat shoe and an espadrille and I like the fact they combine the textures of suede with nubuck leather, great with shorts or rolled up chinos.

Finishing the look off with the Whiskey & Champagne Millers from OQ where the lighter champagne helps bring out the blues from the polo and shorts and the darker whiskey colour ties in the cognac and brown from the shoes.

Sunnies & Stripes:

When it comes to t-shirts in Summer, designs can often be rather boring and plain and there aren't a great deal of options out there.  

This raw cotton tee from Reiss is more stand out, with piping adding attention to detail to a wardrobe classic.  The 'ecru' (unbleached) cotton is extremely comfortable and a great addition to a casual outfit.

I've paired the tee with pastel pink shorts, again from Reiss, adding a touch of colour and slip on loafers from Ted Baker for some texture and detail.

These sunglasses from Ollie Quinn are the practical addition to the outfit, bringing in some darker tones and emphasising the black piped detailing of the tee.

There's no doubt wearing glasses has not only given me better vision (!) but has also given me added confidence in my overall look and image.  It may sound crazy but I can't really imagine life without my main accessory and I spend 90% of my days wearing glasses from the guys over at Ollie Quinn.

Considering their innovative designs and high level of quality, OQ are a surprisingly affordable option for both opticals and sunglasses.  I was shocked on my first visit in-store to find opticals for just £98, including the lenses.  As an independent retailer, OQ have been able to keep pricing incredibly fair, designing in-house and selling exclusively at their boutiques and online.  

With stores across London and free standard shipping and free returns on all orders, it's never been easier to join the OQ family and become a 'Quinner'!

You can get 20% off any purchases online or in UK stores using my discount code OQCHARLIE20 and be sure to tag me in any images featuring glasses you guys have purchased!

Click here for more info on frames and designs.

What's your favourite look and perfect pair?


Pamper Nights Are Not Just For Girls! Introducing The Rituals Hammam Collection

We are living in an age of 'instant', surrounded by screens and never ending deadlines, sometimes it can be easy to get wrapped up in things and neglect one's body and mind in doing so.  Life can be stressful at the best of times and it's important to step back and take some time out to relax the mind and pamper the body.

I've always loved a pamper night in at home, but I feel as if there's a definite stigma attached to guys 'pampering'.  When women get overwhelmed they often gather the girls for a spa day or even Weekend.  Guys on the other hand typically head to the pub to watch the footy or hit the gym.  

As relaxing as watching United scrape a 1-1 draw at home can be (!) it's simply not the same as taking an evening out to relax in a hot bath or shower and actually switch off!

Inspired by one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the World, Rituals have created the new 'Hammam' collection - a range of products designed to calm, relax and soothe the body and the mind.  The perfect products for that night in, switching off from the World for your own personal wellness ceremony.

A crucial first step for any night in pampering is to switch the mobile to airplane mode, you don't need any unnecessary distractions.  Next up light a few candles and get started on prepping the body and mind.

Step 1 - Prepare with Black Soap:

To kick things off run a hot bath or shower and spend 5 minutes or so collecting your thoughts amongst the hot steam.  This will help open your pores ready for cleansing.  

 Next up grab the black soap and massage a thick layer into the skin.  It contains eucalyptus and nourishing olive oil, suitable for both face and body and perfect for waking up the skin and cleansing away any impurities. 

Be sure to gently massage for a few minutes, this will help remove any dead skin cells and prepare the body for exfoliation.  The black soap leaves you feeling silky soft and the strong smell of eucalyptus is both calming and refreshing.

Step 2 - Scrub Away Those Worries:

Step two of this traditional cleansing routine is to apply a body scrub and exfoliate.  Take a big scoop of the Sea Salt Hot Scrub and massage into your skin in circular movements.  

The scrub combines the natural elements of sea salt, warming ginger and eucalyptus and as you massage into the skin the product gradually warms, giving your skin a wonderful tingling feeling.  

The combination of the warmth of the ginger and refreshing eucalyptus helps aid any muscle soreness and leaves the body feeling ultra zen!  I can see myself using this scrub a fair bit during rugby season for post-match recovery and to soothe those muscle aches after a tough game.

Be sure to wash away with lukewarm water and a little tip if having a bath is to use a plastic cup or measuring cup (!) to wash away any remaining sea salt grains effectively.

Step 3 - Purifying Body Mud:

Next it's time to purify the body and mind with Rituals' purifying body mud.  Squeeze out a healthy amount and cover the skin in a thin layer.  The inclusion of mineral-rich Rhassoul clay helps purify and polish the skin leaving it feeling soft and clean.

Leave on for 2-3 minutes until it's dried and then rinse off with lukewarm water.  This is probably my favourite product from their collection, unique to anything I have tried before, leaving the skin feeling seriously soft.

Top tip - after rinsing your skin be sure to then further rinse the bath/shower with the handheld to be sure that any remaining mud is washed away.

Step 4 - Cleanse with Shower Foam:

With your skin well and truly relaxed and purified, it's time for a deep cleanse.  Grab the foaming shower gel and squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand.  The gel will gradually transform into a rich foam as if by magic (!) and at this point massage gently all over.  

The ingredients include rosemary and eucalyptus, both of which are extremely soothing and revitalising.  I particularly liked the addition of rosemary which gives the shower gel a fresh and natural aroma alongside the additional benefit of protecting skin cells from damage often caused by the sun.

Step 5 - Time To Moisturise:

The final and arguably most important step of any pamper routine is to moisturise and 'feed' the skin after all that cleansing.  Rituals Hammam Body Cream is the ideal solution to dry skin whether as part of a pamper routine or after a gym workout or warm shower.  

Once again combining rosemary and eucalyptus, the body cream is uplifting and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and soft - it also smells amazing and leaving you feeling as if you may have just transported to a spa or genuine Hammam.

Gently massage the body cream all over your skin and give it a few minutes to sink in and fully absorb before reaching for that dressing gown or those PJs! 

Now it's time to sit back and relax, maybe stick on a film or better still, reach for a book and seriously detox.  Resist picking up your phone and you will be guaranteed a good night's sleep.

What are your favourite ways to switch off and relax? 


The Rituals Hammam Collection is available in store or online here and it's well worth checking out the other products they have available for that perfect pamper night in.

Discover more about how to best use these products on Rituals' YouTube Channel.

*This post was written in collaboration with Rituals, however all thoughts and views shared are my own and that of Man About Town.

© Man About Town

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